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Casaitalia International SRL, being responsible for the processing of data, would like to provide you with some information on the management of cookies when accessing in relation to the Directive on Electronic Communications 2009/136/CE, to the directive 2002/58/CE on the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector and of the General Measure of the Data Protection Act of May 2014. Further information on the processing of data is available in the Privacy section of this site.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites visited by users send to their terminals; they are generally found in the browser directory, where they are memorised and then retransmitted to the same sites on the next visit.  This allows those who manage the website to do useful things, such as improve the navigation experience and the functionality of the site, making interactions faster and more personalised, allowing the site manager to know if a computer (and likely the relevant user) has visited the website before or to record the items in your cart, in the case of a shopping site. Cookies themselves are not of a personal nature, but they can be linked to personal information, in which case permission is required to use them.


Types of cookies and their purpose

Technical cookies

These are used only to ‘carry out transmission of a communication to a network or when strictly necessary to a provider of a public service, of information explicitly requested by a subscriber or user to supply this service. (article 122, paragraph 1 of the Code). These will not be used for any other reason, and are normally installed directly by the manager or person responsible for the website. They can be divided into:

-       Navigation or session cookies which ensure the normal navigation and use of the website and are not saved in any lasting way on the user’s computer and which disappear when the browser is closed (allowing the user, for example, to carry out a request or for authentication when accessing a restricted area.)

-       Analytics cookies similar to technical cookies which are used directly by the site manager to collect information in aggregated form, on the number of users and on how they visit the site;

-       Functionality cookies which allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (for example, language, products selected to buy) in order to improve the user experience. The user’s permission is requested to install these cookies.


User profiling cookies

These are used to create user profiles in order to send advertising messages that are relevant to the user’s preferences according to their navigation on the network. Because this could be an invasion of the user’s privacy, Italian and European legislation states that the user must be suitably informed of the use of these cookies and express their informed consent.

-       advertising these are cookies used to trace the navigation of the user on the network and create profiles on their tastes, habits, choices etc. With these cookies, advertising messages can be sent to the user’s terminal according to the preferences indicated by their previous online activity.

-       behaviour these are cookies used to collect data on the navigation habits and preferences of users, creating profiles and personalisations for market research or sales purposes. The user’s consent is required for the installation of these cookies.


Types of cookies and who installs them

-       Site manager’s cookies these are installed by the manager of the website

-       Third party cookies these are installed by various individuals including the site manager, probably via banners present on the site.


Types of cookies according to their duration

-       Session cookies automatically deleted at the end of each navigation session.

-       Long-term cookies whose duration is fixed by the server as soon as they are created. In some cases they have an expiration date,  in others their duration is unlimited.


Method of user notification and acquisition of consent

When you visit for the first time, you will see a banner informing you that we use cookies. The banner asks the user if they require further information and contains a link to open the corresponding page. Those who decide to ignore this notification and continue to use the site or those who scroll away from it will be assumed have given their consent, and the site will save a technical cookie on their computer to register this choice. The user can remove the cookie at any time in their browser settings.


How to enable/disable cookies in your browser it is possible to accept or refuse cookies or to choose to receive a warning message before accepting a cookie from a website by modifying your browser settings.

If you completely disable cookies in your browser, our site may not work in the same way. You can delete cookies which have been installed in the cookie file of your browser. Each browser has a different procedure for managing your settings, so we suggest you follow the instructions for each type:

Microsoft Windows Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

Blocking third party cookies

Third party cookies are not normally essential for navigation, and you can refuse them by default in your browser settings or install the Ghostery add-on in your browser.

Do not track option this is available in the majority of browsers. Websites which are programmed to respect this option, when activated, will automatically stop collecting your browsing data. 

Activate ‘incognito browsing’ with this function, you can navigate without leaving any trace of your browsing data. Sites will not save the pages visited or chronology and new cookies will be deleted. This anonymous browsing function does not guarantee complete anonymity online, as it doesn’t store information in the browser, but it remains available to the managers of visited websites and to your internet service provider. uses the following cookies and services:

Nome cookie

Descrizione cookie



Session cookie


Session cookies are technical, and do not allow the collection of users’ personal data, they are deleted at the end of each browser session 



Google Maps Widget 

Google Maps is a service which allows you to view maps managed by Google Inc. It saves user information each time you visit a web page which includes a Google Map or agree to embed this content on your own page.

Personal data collected: Cookies and date of use

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Privacy policy 

Sharing of information: anonymised data is shared with third parties.

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Google Analytics - anonymised data and no sharing of data  

Google Analytics configures anonymous data and does not share it with other data from , it collects information on how you use our site: for example, pages visited and any errors that may be encountered. These cookies are anonymous and are used only to help us improve the functionality of our site and understand the interests of our users

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Google Font

To see certain fonts on this site we use a 3rd party component, Google Fonts from Google Inc. which allows us to integrate this content. The information collected by the cookies installed by Google Fonts will be transferred from the users’ browser to Google Inc, who could use it to contextualise or personalise the advertising on their own network. Disabling the Google Fonts cookies may mean some characters are not visible. For more information, please refer to the Google Privacy Policy on their website. By using the site, you consent to the processing of your data by Google for the purposes and methods outlined in their privacy policy.


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Information sharing

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Additions or changes to third party cookie information

The managers of this site are not responsible for successive changes or additions to the policies of third parties accessible at the addresses provided. To access these sites, follow the links. The current policy applies only to the management of cookies on, by clicking on the links to other sites, the user becomes subject to the policies of those sites, which we recommend users look at. For further information on targeted advertising and how to deactivate this function, visit